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Carl Mosby idk if this is his intention but I love how each track seems to represent a property of each infinity Stone Favorite track: Idyllic Subset (prod. goldenbeets).


Seeking to control and dominate the universe, the nefarious Negatron falls upon rumors of insurmountable power contained within six gems. Soul, time, power, space, reality and mind. Negatron will stop at nothing until all gems are in his possession and the universe becomes rightfully his.

"Gauntlet" is a comic book inspired album from the perspective of a villain. Sinister lyrics, gritty, booming instrumentals and comic book references galore. "Gauntlet" is a must listen for any Hip Hop fan with a love for comics, super hero movies, video games, lyrical diversity and flows. 6 gems, 6 tracks of unbridled, original Hip Hop dopeness.


released April 19, 2019

Written and performed by: Gizmo
Featuring: Mega Ran, Richie Branson
Production by: goldenbeets, Manny-AM, Noname Drifter
Mixed & Mastered by: darealhermit


all rights reserved



Gizmo Hamamatsu, Japan

Influenced by Calypso, Soca, Reggae, Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop.
Gizmo expresses himself utilizing his world travels and experiences to birth a new and innovative form of lyricism.
Being an islander from the Caribbean, a B-boy from Arizona and a teacher from Japan. He's able to tell his story through honest eyes and well thought out lyrics.
Using reflections of himself to mold a better tomorrow.
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Track Name: Idyllic Subset (prod. goldenbeets)
The ultimate power resides in 6 gems
You think these heroes gonna stop me from swoopin' on em'?
You tweakin'

Who the villain that's the worst threat (NEGA)
Been parlaying in the idyllic subset
Who the villain about conquest (NEGA)
Quan chi and other sorcerers on deck

Bullet to the dome nigga
I'm a sure shot with the chrome
NEGA in the zone nigga
Home wherever I roam

Bullet to the dome nigga
Seize everything that you know
Nega in the zone nigga
Claiming yo life and yo soul

[Verse 1]
Fuck talk I'm bout action
snatch souls like Shang Tsung
Nigga the shows over
fat bitch just sung
got some dope and a strap
I'm in the trap like the Greeks
You in the trap like the Trojans
It's a wrap

Resurrect em'
Just to disrespect em'
young Kujo Soul Control
So I manifest em'
This the greatest weapon
Nigga who you testing?
Every spirit dead alive now in my possession (Yea yea)

NEGA not one for the threats pay with the life you live
Told you my shooters on deck light you up just like Aunt Viv
heroes not ready for war gauntlet attached to the core
knowledge from all who have passed ain't nothing I ain't seen before

You just a medium I'm too big for your seance
Slowly slide across the board disrupt you weak liaisons easy
on your ouiji if you ask if NEGA real
and it spell BULL it ain't bullshit what it mean it mean



Soul, Time, Power, Reality, Space, Mind.
6 gems, the very code of the universe itself.
Mutha fuckin' NEGATRON 2020 til infinity
Smash and grab styles, you either get down or you lay down
You get in my way and I'll shepherd you to eternity myself
I don't give a fuck. All belongs to me.
Track Name: No Time (prod. goldenbeets)
[Verse 1]
Yo aim steady I'm ready deadly end to the grid lock
Be kind rewind I detonate like tic toc
LORD NEGA time gem destiny meet your fate
life dangling by a thread me and Atropos couldn't wait to cut you off like umbilical cords and downed power poles
snap my finger make your life linger
past present and future foes their follies get exposed
All contenders toss them to the blender NEGA the never ender
Enter zones of the enders last of the immortals
nigga you a pretender

the green gem mine you wasting time
tonight I dine on Tony Stark and The Avengers

Omnipotence foreseeing that they time up
before you blink I hit you with a head butt
sword to the gut he out of luck
now run The Eye Of Agamotto, Strange.
Or I dice this bitch up

Ain't no time yo ain't no time
yea nigga
Ain't no time yo ain't no time
Ain't no time yo ain't no time
Mu' fucka
Ain't no time yo ain't no time

[Verse 2]
Try and stop me but they sloppy wishing
Their sacrifice would hinder NEGA's mission
make him re-spawn his look forlorn
now don't mind as I rip the mind from your Vision

Blasphemy haphazardly causing catastrophe
under your canopy casually costing more casualties
callousness within my repertoire
friend or foe near or far

Slow down the speed of the hour glass have a second feel an eon pass
super drug of the Mayuri class drop out niggas always been out classed
Time Splitter that nigga all the time in the world
but no time to make peace with ya

Speed time up and watch you wither snatch yo bitch if you with her
running through yo home base with a Babe Ruth hitter
pendulum across the face my fist swing lightning repeat striking
green gem yo end end of problem

Track Name: Towers Of Powers (ft. Mega Ran & Richie Branson) (prod. Lavonte Dyquan)
[Intro: Mega Ran, Gizmo]

How you like me now? I go blow
It's that sound that moves crowds making every ghetto foul
I might have made you put it down (Gizmo, Mega Ran, Richie)
Scarred your life altered your style
I gave you power (Let's show em how it's done)
I made you buck wild (power up)

[Chorus: Gizmo, Mega Ran, Richie Branson]
Towers of power
Towers of power
Towers of power
Towers of power

[Verse 1: Gizmo]
Exalted winner out rap them like boa constrictors
The One Above All, Eternity wrapped round my finger
Seen your downfall Celestials forced to take a knee
Control of the gems infinity who that be? (Negatron)

Nega the man power the plan
Crushing peasants in the palm of my hand
Think you can stop me what is you saying
My power level above god super saiyan
Nigga quit playing you don't stand a chance
You're facing the cold this an avalanche that
Caught you off guard for talking noise should've specc'd more poise boy

The strength that we deal with wave at any tourists
Tsunami their whole cruise ship
Come at me running loose lips
Shoot em thru the heart like Cupid have em looking stupid
Soul gems yes I equip them
Purple stone double up mayhem
Enemies don't know what why when
When we strike where we strike where we strike

Yo Nega be that one to box em in the ring
Like Cassius nah I'm The Undertaker planetary move maker
These suckas sound sweet bunch candy rappers
Hit em with a jaw breaker who you dealing with player?
We untouchable like Mario with a super star
Pac Man with a power pellet every spike in a Sonic game
We powered up nigga come get it guaranteed you gon' regret it
Light em up they the fuel gassed up rappers unleaded
Me and Mega Ran done said it Ain't no extra lives left
You finna get left manipulate power send ships to the depths
Punch though space time I'm Juggernaut bitch
Mega never miss Deadshot with the shit hold it down rappin'
Charge the arm cannon

[Verse 2: Mega Ran]

Gizmo and me and drop a ear full on beats Kenny Omega
Without me there is no elite when this jawn release cats know to keep They ear to the streets cause it’s coming
Putting holes in the ozone
Prepay like you talking on a go phone
He pray the apocalypse is postponed no holmes bring crowds to life with a soul stone

Steven Strange with a genius brain
Scene is changed they said he insane
Philly bird but I’m Phoenix raised
Finally gaining on the dream I chased
I guess I’m on the path been a good guy but I'm going bad
And I’m on ya cap for them ain’t no going back Swag surfing like Norrin Radd

You see the websites my future bright like headlights I reject hype
I respect types that’ll bless mics and invest right
Stopping time when I’m dropping rhymes copy mine yo you out ya mind Not tonight you know we lock it tight I’m Tony Hawk on railings I’m about the grind
Wear my crown I’m insulted Ultra Magnus it don’t fit
Bring ya whole click watch me snap on em like Lil Jon in 06
Hold this cause I say so Bay Bro got the halo rap game dark skin Thanos Ask the OGs I bet they know


[Verse 3: Richie Branson]

I want the power plus the respect
I just might hop on a jet head to Roppongi and flex
I’m stepping all on their necks what’s next?
2019 I’m winning more I’m doing many tours I'm tryna get an Aventador Put em all in the morgue when I pull up at Avengers 4 anime all over my scissor doors

Fuck a comic book I read manga books
Sip gin and tonic while the ramen cook
I’m pretty honest but I still mob with crooks
Whip so fast that it got Sonic shook
This beat jumps like Shonen I bump Tokyo Ronin
Drink Hennessy like potion I make It reign like Roman

Last name Branson not Bronson
Hold up lemme drop bomb shit
Killing everything I ain’t gotta conscience
Snap on em I don’t even need a gauntlet
Pardon my interruption I'm an asshole
All my discussions gotta do with cash flow
Lemme switch up like Smash Bros tryna get a Lambo
Money rush in like Drago

Oh crap I’m on the track like LoJack.
This shit rides like 4 flats
Everything I say No cap
I’m so glad I'm back in action
They like oh he rappin' rappin'
I be spazzin' every track I'm on
I’m snapping like I’m halving masses
Track Name: Gimme My Space (prod. Manny-AM)
[Verse 1]
Yo stay out the way NEGA don’t play
Hear what they telling you light years away
Catastrophe nothing to comfort you
Open blue portal next second I’m there
Bust up your Valve now you leak everywhere
Crack thru your Shell in a moment and slide
The Cake and my mercy 2 things that’s a lie

Never presume
That you’ll be safe
Stay on the move
Snatch all your loot
What’s in your safe
I’m in pursuit

Light side of the force is what weaklings rely
Omega Effect I command the Darkseid
I’m a New God swear to God I’m untouchable
I’m a New God swear to God I’m untouchable

Wormholes and space tears they not used too
I bring The Bane Of Apocalypse when I use boom tubes
I’m interstellar NEGA the 7th letter
No words I let these hands do the talking like Helen Keller

gimme my space gimme my space
gimme my space gimme my space
gimme my space gimme my space
I'm a New God swear to God I'm untouchable
I'm a New God swear to God I'm untouchable

[Verse 2]
Safety in numbers oh quit the contraire
Ambushed no time to prepare (yea)
Crashing a moon right through your atmosphere
Extinction level severe (yea)
Painted marks on my targets and let a sea fucking of meteors fly
Tesseract gimme energy enemies bodies can't identify
who am I NEGA
the god the alpha and the omega
traverse the universe at my leisure
nobody hinder my endeavors nah nigga nah nah
from the start to the end of it and everything in between
Every star, moon and planet move by my dark energy

yo gimme the earth gimme the sun
gimme this sector solar system
gimme this quadrant gimme this zone
milky way I claim as my own
I claim everything even passed what light touches
The vastness of space confined to my clutches
the blue gem ensure no distance is far
gimme the crown gimme the throne

Track Name: Aether (prod. goldenbeets)
Breathe butane exhale Aether
give em' the blood and gore reality I transform
snatch your tongue soul and sneakers
Under my reign it pour willingly be the scourge
Bleed it slow through your speakers
Jeepers creepers galactic level planet eater yea
Breathe butane exhale Aether
Breathe butane exhale Aether

[Verse1 ]
Nas in 01 the shows done
pull up and they freeze like Poe one
enemies squeezed and undone
got em in a pinch like a Vulcan
turn them to cubes their views ain't nothing new
abuse until they lose these gems the powers fuse
confused when they now ribbons shooting out bubbles from their weapons
warp your reality Kyoka Suigetsu gets you
no illusion dastardly flip your anatomy
had to be NEGA to make Thor a pedestrian
9 realms to the dark again disregard Asgardians


[Verse 2]
This realities house speaker
biblical powers over the meter
staff becomes a snake burning bushes they talk
the dead whisper awake upon water I walk
Unleash fire and the brimstone hell on earth you in limbo
If you ain't down you can lay down only 2 options keep it simple
That's the tempo at my temple at my feet lay new disciples
the resistance is so trifle no survival for my rivals
when I conjure up seraphim high on mescalin
double endorphins up sacrificed for your wicked sins
power never enough tesseracts and more artifacts
death stone watch me create that
corrupt vision like some cataracts

I leave them stinking in Lincolns
what is you thinking I blink in
other dimension and mention
nothing but truths like Abe Lincoln
my will is fact and it's over
Rock and a hard place I'm bolder
than an attack they can slink in
this the foreclosure


Track Name: Mind Games (prod. goldenbeets)
[Verse 1]
I hear what you thinking now yes I'm invincible
depths of my mind posses incomprehensible thoughts
you think that I've fallen from grace but I've actually not nah
I rose from the ashes The Phoenix transcends all their petty ideals
they hoping for peace and the urge to protect see it slowly congeal
banding together pathetic attempt take this gauntlet off me
they tweakin', they trippin', they losing I'm winning
Reset everything and start from the beginning
I'm seconds away from just snapping and setting you free

let me set you free
from your misery
free from this mentality
free let me set you free
It's just you and me
I'm seconds away from just snapping and setting you free

[Verse 2]
I see all your visions your fears and your dreams and I know
Know all of your secrets the core of your being so I'll
I'll show you kindness when I whisper what hurts you away aye
I promise you nothing will hurt you again

Reconnect you with loved ones ones you long seeing
who no longer exist in this realm overwhelmed with elation and feeling
your heart pulsates and rapidly beating no longer need wait as tears flood down your face from the memories lay down your arms we not enemies our minds are now one thru telepathy six gems together now listen as I snap you free


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